People should never tell someone not to cry. It’s a release and a very healthy one at that. We all need an escape.

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A relationship with no gender roles>
We both hustle, we both cook, we both clean, we both pay, we both spoil each other.

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"The thing I’m most afraid of is me. Of not knowing what I’m going to do. Of not knowing what I’m doing right now."

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and my mom doent undestand…

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please dont be ashamed of stretch marks it is proof you are growing it doesnt mean you are fat it means youre growing into a pretty flower you are special and cute 

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"Y, cuando lo dijo, dolió tanto que pude escuchar como mi corazón se rompía."

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I want more Mexican characters in TV/film not as the help, the field worker or the gangster. Yes that is a reality but WE ARE MORE THAN THAT. we’re not all undocumented immigrants. We don’t all work in hotels or the kitchens. AND SO WHAT IF WE DO. that does not make us lower than you. We come here for a better life, not to be shit on because you think we are less than you. I want Mexicans of all different skin colors on TV/film because we are not all one nice shade of brown.

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I’m going to cry. This was a treasure to find in Mexico.

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"Tengo unas ganas de agarrarte de la cara y besarte con los mejores besos que tengo en mi boca 😚"

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